Logo Guidelines


Creative Community Services, Inc. thrives on collaboration with others and encourages support to and from other companies, services, and organizations. To protect our identity and reputation, we ask that you follow our Brand Guidelines, which are intended to promote consistent use of our Brand Assets (the words, graphics & logos, phrases, and other brand features associated with Creative Community Services, Inc.). This makes it easier for people to instantly recognize references to Creative Community Services, Inc., and prevents consumer confusion. These guidelines also help protect Creative Community Services, Inc.’s intellectual property, so please review and comply with them before using our logo.

If you don’t agree to the Brand Guidelines, you don’t have a right to, and shouldn’t, use the logo. If you have any questions regarding use of Brand Assets, contact Milo at info@ccsgeorgia.org.


Below, you will find up-to-date versions of our logo for your use.


Examples of prohibited alterations & improper use include:

  • Stretching the logo proportions
  • Changing colors or adding a filter or tint
  • Editing text including removing or adding text elements, resizing, and repositioning
  • Cropping or cutting out elements
  • Adding elements such as drop shadow, outline, or glow to the logo
  • Using a Black and White version of the logo online (BW is acceptable only when printing and only if color is impractical)
  • Using the logo as a background or watermark
  • Not adding the required clear space (padding) around the logo, as displayed below.
  • Using an old version of the logo
  • Placing the logo on a cluttered background
  • Using only the butterfly without the text and graphic elements
  • Using the transparent logo on a dark background

Two versions exist for your use, in color and black and white. The first is a transparent logo which works best on white or light colored backgrounds. The second version has a white fill and should be used for black or darker colored backgrounds. Ensure the text inside the logo is legible.

Minimum size requirements are 150×150 pixels. We recommend 200×200 or larger for best readability.

If you have special requirements, please contact Milo at info@ccsgeorgia.org.


White Background

Black & White