July Newsletter

July is #DisabilityPrideMonth. The purpose of this month is to bring pride to the term “disabled” and awareness to ableism, the discrimination of people with disabilities.
This month is not only about embracing disabilities, but it’s also a time to celebrate and to understand how to become a better ally to our disabled communities.

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Birthday Wishes

Sending many belated wishes to those that celebrated a birthday in June! We hope each moment was filled with joy and wishing you all a year filled with peace. Happy Birthday!

We want to give a special thank you to Melia, Cindy, Jocelyn, and M’Kaneghay for being Birthday Buddies in June. Your generosity means the world to the people we serve! Our Birthday Buddies have been adding a special meaning to birthdays. Birthday Buddies are volunteers that are dedicated to fulfilling birthday wishes for youth in foster care and/or adults with developmental disabilities.
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Honoring Our Youth

One of the youth here participated in a filming project for Sapphire Youth Development Center. Sapphire Youth Development Center has partnered with Creative Community Services to ensure youth in foster care are equip with the tools to achieve academic success. As a result of the pandemic, it was difficult for a few of the youth to adjust and maintain their academics. Sapphire Youth Development Center gave him the opportunity to share his story of how they helped him academically improve during this new era. We are so proud of him!

Also, congratulations to another one of our youth for starting a new job at Burger King!

Our Graduation Celebration has a new date. Come out and celebrate our three high school graduates on Wednesday, July 21 at 1pm!


We will be participating in the Back to School Bash at Gresham Park Christian Church, 2819 Flat Shoals Rd, Decatur, GA 30034. Come out to get supplies, enjoy games, and support on Saturday, July 24, 2021 from 12pm to 2:30pm!

Furthermore, as we prepare for our youth in foster care and teen parents to go back to school any school supply donations are appreciated in order to help our youth and teens fulfill their educational goals!

Fun Friday is Back

We initiated the return of the first fun Friday on June 25th via zoom. We played Disney Jeopardy and song association. Congratulations to our three Fun Friday winners, Andrew, Marcelina, and Bobo! Special thank you to Soar Specialist, Wilford White, for helping with the games and festivities.

Join us virtually at the next Fun Friday on July 30th. To join the fun please rsvp to spresley@ccsgeorgia.org for the zoom link. See you there!

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Development Disabilities

Thank you to Octavia Harvard and Rochelle Grice for our Together Facing the Challenge Training about trauma therapy and working together to better assist the youth transitioning into our Developmental Disabilities program. Our Developmental Disabilities department has been fully trained and we are now in the process of training our Host Home Providers!

We would like to welcome three new Foster and Kinship Parents, Ms. Lakeisha Cudd, Kimberly Angel, and Telvin Williams. We are delighted to have you among us. On behalf of all the staff and leadership, we would like to extend our warmest welcome and good wishes!


Third Sector Ty and Miranda. DFCS Fulton and Dekalb collaboration. Thank you to the ARC for partnership and resources. – Teen Parent Connection

In June, we received a total contribution of over $700. Thank you to the Finance Team, Becci, Lidia & Charon, for the constant support and all the CCS Leadership Team & Staff.

Flashback to June #CelebrateWithPride

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“Who Am I”

Each month we randomly select two staff to highlight. This is our chance to embrace diversity, learn more about each other, connect, and share it with our community!

Born in Georgia, Chinese (Taiwanese: Taiwanese culture is a similar mix of culture from China & Japan)American, speaks Mandarin and her family also speaks Taiwanese language, she has a passion for teaching and parent education/training on ABA Therapy. When she is not in the office, you can find her dancing, singing, being crafty and exploring new adventures.


How do you use your creativity as a platform to transform lives?

“Being able to provide different concepts/ideas as a resolution to challenging problems & individualizing the resolution to fit the needs of the individual; I am extremely resilient and I rarely ‘give up’ on people or a challenging situation and believe there is always a way around a barrier, especially behaviorally and perspective-wise.” -Annie.

Bicultural -German and Jamaican-, she has a passion fighting for social justice. When she is not in the office, you can find her horseback riding, reading books, writing, hiking, sleeping, and playing videogames.



How do you use your creativity as a platform to transform lives?

“By using storytelling and encouraging others to use their life narrative, to be interceptive on their life. Looking at each aspect of it and how it shaped you, into being you.” – Rachel