Behavior Intervention (SOAR)


Helping Children and Adults with Developmental Disabilities, SOAR (Supporting Families, Overcoming Obstacles, Achieving Independence, Reaching New Heights) provides comprehensive behavioral intervention in a unique way:

We customize our approach for each case, thoroughly assessing the needs of the individual, then tailoring a program to meet those needs.


  • Giving families and caregivers the tools to address the unique challenges of caring for individuals with developmental disabilities and/or mental health challenges
  • Empowering those with developmental disabilities to overcome obstacles for greater independence and maximum potential.


ABA-based Programming

The SOAR philosophy is that a disability impacts not only how someone learns, but how they perceive the world. That means traditional therapy often falls short. Through Applied Behavior Analysis and other research-based methods, SOAR strives to understand behavior from the individual’s perspective and address it based on that person’s unique learning style. This family-centered program minimizes negative behaviors and maximizes independence.

CCS’s commitment to youth and families is unprecedented. I have seen firsthand the great work CCS can do.”

Heather Rowles

Executive Director, Multi Agency Alliance for Children