Developmental Disabilities (DD)

CCS’s original mission was to serve adults with developmental and physical disabilities such as
Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Down Syndrome.

Today, our program continues to serve these adults who yearn for successful independence and have so much to offer their community.

CCS provides case management, life skills training, social outings, assistance with medical & recreational needs and ongoing support. Other organizations tend to focus on Community Residential Arrangements for adults with developmental disabilities, and while we offer this service as well under the right conditions, we put more focus on providing Host Homes for our individuals. A Host Home is similar to a foster home. A trained and capable Host Home Provider becomes extended family to the individuals in their care.

With one out of every 100 children in our nation diagnosed with Autism, CCS recognizes that this population will need support as they grow into adulthood, especially once their families are no longer able to meet their special needs.

Nathan was discharged from a Regional hospital in Winter 2013 and moved into a CCS host home in Southeast Atlanta. Nathan lived in an institutional setting for over 25 years with limited to no family contact. With the help of Intake, SOAR, Family Consultant, Supervisor and host home providers, Nathan was able to to integrate into successfully into a home in the community.
Nathan has grown tremendously since transitioning out of the hospital and gained a new family. He has had the opportunity to go fishing, bowling, play instruments and meet new people in and around his community. Nathan continues to blossom and become more independent daily with the assistance and support of his CCS team.”

CCS Staff

*Individual's name has been changed to protect his identity

Join Our Family!

Our adults with developmental disabilities are placed in host homes. Much like foster homes, these host families provide care and a home for our adults who might otherwise be forced to live in an institutional facility. We are always recruiting for additional host home providers. If you are interested, please fill out the form below or download it here to send to our Recruitment department for review!

If you know an individual with developmental disabilities looking for support and care, please fill out our referral form and fax or e-mail to our Intake Department.

We have so many sponsorship opportunities available! Did you know the Developmental Disabilities department plans monthly social events for the adults with special needs in our care? These events are made possible thanks to sponsorships from our friends and partners! (camping trips, movie nights, zoo trips, and much more!) Learn how you can make a difference by contacting Chanel at 770-469-6226 or at