SOAR Life Skills

Children who have lived most of their lives in foster care often have missed out on key developmental life skills and often have trouble transitioning into adulthood. While the State stops providing foster care services to children at age 21, research suggests that the average age of independence for typical (i.e., not in foster care) young adults is now 26.

CCS youth and teens often can have very troubled pasts, and many youth experience some challenges with mental and emotional health.   They need extra support to learn and gain the appropriate developmental life skills as they grow, before they “age out” of the foster care system, and that’s what our SOAR Life Skills program is all about. SOAR Life skills provides ABA (applied behavior analysis) life skills plans, data tracking, life skills specialists and mentoring so that our youth can achieve their developmentally appropriate life skills goals and our teens can learn how to live successfully on their own, while achieving their educational and vocational goals.

Our monthly Fun Friday event offers activities for socialization, advocacy and recreation among CCS teens. CCS SOAR Life Skills program helps teens transitioning into adulthood be better prepared to be independent and productive adults who contribute to and enhance our community.

If it were not for CCS, I’m sure I would be in jail – or worse. They have a passion for children – they care. Thanks to them, I have a family – and a woman I still call ‘mother.’ Also thanks to CCS, I work full time and live on my own.

Tracy Joachim, 24

CCS Client since age 13

Fun Fridays

The CCS Fun Friday started in 2018 after a couple of teens let us know that they really wanted a chance to hang out with and meet other teens living in families with CCS.

Fun Friday is CCS youth led and they take the lead on activities and hanging out with one another.  Friendships and life long bonds have been created and continue to grow among this group.

Join us each month to Volunteer!

Volunteer With Us!

  • Give back to your community by having fun: play games, draw, craft, and dance!
  • Assist in building important social skills to ready youth for being more independent as they approach adulthood
  • Help raise awareness in the community about the power of youth voice and help make the system better for youth in foster care in Georgia