Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC)


More Than Traditional Foster Care


The needs of children with behavioral challenges and/or developmental disabilities simply cannot be met effectively by traditional foster parenting. Tragically, the children we serve typically have lived through 15 to 30 unsuccessful foster placements by the time they come into our care. The average age of our children is 15; the youngest is three. Without CCS, these children usually have only two options: homelessness or a psychiatric care facility.

In addition to state-required training and certification, CCS foster parents undergo extensive training in dealing with behaviorally and emotionally challenged youth. CCS families work with our highly trained teams of psychologists, social workers, family consultants, and therapists, along with DFCS case managers and birth families, to ensure these special children finally achieve permanency.

Our goal is to succeed where traditional state care has failed. Our commitment is to provide a safe, nurturing, home environment with a strength-based, solution-focused approach to care.


CCS offers extensive support for our foster families, such as…

Parenting classes

Monthly support groups

Educational conferences

24-hour on-call support

Psychological counseling

Weekly consultation

Summer day camp

Respite care



CCS has also developed an innovative new way to foster with our Enhanced Foster Home program. These “enhanced homes” were created for those foster youth that do not succeed in traditional foster homes and have difficulties in community settings. Learn more about our Enhanced Homes by watching the video below or clicking this link.



Jimmy’s DFCS worker stated during a meeting this week to both Ms. Doe and to me that Jimmy was a completely different child from the one she knew a month ago prior to coming to live with us. She is very pleased with the progress that he has made and encouraged the team to keep up the great work.

CCS Employee

*names have been changed to protect identities






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