Make Room!

For many of us, our bedrooms are our personal havens. We dress them up to reflect our own personalities. We hang our favorite pictures, decorate with our favorite colors, and surround ourselves with comforting knick-knacks and personal mementos.
Youth in foster care rarely have this opportunity to create a personal space of their own. At CCS, we focus on achieving permanency for our youth, but the sad fact is that outside of our agency, foster youth are passed around from family to family, rarely staying in one home long enough to truly settle down.
Jodi lives in one of our Enhanced Homes for foster youth. These homes give our foster youth the chance to have a permanent personal space of their own where they can feel safe & secure. This past week, two of our board members surprised Jodi with gifts purchased from her wish list, including a stereo, toy horses, and the game Connect Four! Afterwards, they took Jodi out shopping for items and decor with which to decorate her bedroom! Board members Twilynn and Dionne had the best time shopping with Jodi, selecting comforters, bed linen, mirrors, paint, wooden letters to spell out her name, curtains & accessories, bean bag chairs, lamps, and most importantly, CDs for her new stereo!
Twilynn writes:
“We got back, set up that stereo, opened those CDs and got to work. We watched a room that was clean and safe, providing a place to sleep and get homework completed transform into as Jodi put it ‘My room is beautiful and peaceful..I am at peace now!’ It transformed into something beautiful. Something she could call her own. It was totally reflective of Jodi’s personality, style, and warmth. We high-fived, gave hugs and cheered at the outcome, and most importantly we did it together!”
Jodi was so happy with the results, and our board members were so touched. This special day impacted Jodi’s foster dad, too, who was so pleased to see Jodi excited about her new room. He was even bestowed a gift from all three shoppers at the end of the day. Twilynn and Dionne have now been invited to Jodi’s graduation, and to join them for the holidays!
“Yep, we became a part of the family on Sunday..and I got to tell ya…it feels so good! We are a part of something wonderful at CCS, and I am so happy to share it with all of you!”
If you would like to be involved in transforming the lives of our foster children, whether by volunteering or making a contribution, visit or call (770)469-6226. Become a part of our family and make a difference!
*names have been changed to protect the identify of youth in foster care.