Teen Parent Connection (TPC)

The Facts

Nationally, by age 19, 50% of girls in foster care report having been pregnant. The birth rate for foster teens is 31.6% vs. 12.2% for non-foster teens. Research shows children of teen parents are more likely to experience abuse and neglect and eventually be placed in foster care.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide support, guidance,

and assistance needed by teen mothers

& fathers to succeed as adults and parents.

What We Do

TPC provides focused, holistic support for pregnant or parenting teens in state custody or teen parents with a child in state custody in Georgia, and targeted assistance for their children.

TPC’s cornerstone is our life coaching services. Our highly-trained life coaches directly provide (or ensure referrals to provide) parenting assessments, developmental screenings for children, individualized parenting & life skills education, and vocational training.

Coaches give one-on-one support during home visits and engage teens during monthly group classes on topics such as advocacy, parenting education, nutrition, developmental milestones and positive discipline. We coordinate all efforts to ensure customized, comprehensive services for parent and child.


“Non-profit helping teen parents who lost their jobs because of COVID-19”