Therapeutic Foster Care

The needs of children with behavioral challenges and/or developmental
disabilities simply cannot be met effectively by traditional foster parenting.

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Therapeutic Foster Care

The needs of children with behavioral challenges and/or developmental disabilities simply cannot be met effectively by traditional foster parenting.

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More Than Traditional Foster Care

Traditional foster care refers to the placement of children into licensed homes where trained foster parents provide care, support, and supervision for an undetermined amount of time until a permanent plan is implemented. These children are usually new to care and have less challenging behaviors. 

In contrast, the children we serve have lived through 15 to 30 unsuccessful foster placements by the time they come into our care. That is because they have significant trauma, developmental delays, intellectual and physical disabilities, and intensive medical requirements. Therapeutic foster care supports children with disabilities by building trauma-informed families equipped to meet their unique needs.

We carefully screen, train, and support therapeutic foster parents to help children progress from behavioral and emotional trauma and receive the most experienced care available. In partnership with DFCS case managers, therapists, and birth families, foster parents work with our highly trained team of family consultants and behavioral specialists to achieve each child’s permanency goals.

Therapeutic foster care

Enhanced foster homes

An innovative, new way to foster

In an Enhanced Foster Home, the mentor or foster parent goes to live with the foster youth, rather than the other way around. Currently, CCS is the only agency in Georgia that provides this type of foster care.

This program may be a good fit for you if:

    • You are currently renting, and your lease is coming to an end. Or, you own a home and plan to sell it in the near future.
    • You are getting ready or willing to move.
    • You work from home or have a flexible work schedule.

Enhanced parents receive a monthly stipend that includes rent and utilities!

Our Support Services

      • Foster parent training classes (NTDC, CPR/First Aid, Safety Care, and Medication)
      • Monthly stipend determined by levels of required supervision
      • Caregiver support groups
      • Caregiver mentorship program
      • Respite care
      • 24/7 on-call support
      • Community resources (tutoring, summer camp, and extracurricular activities)
      • Educational advocacy
      • SOAR (individualized life skills and behavioral support)

Offering comprehensive respite types

Regular breaks from parenting are essential for CCS foster families. Children who are dual-diagnosed (with both developmental or cognitive delays and/or severe emotional disturbances from abuse or neglect) present special challenges, and respite is a critical ingredient for successful placements. We provide respite in 5 key ways:


Scheduled breaks from caregiving duties, up to two weekends a month


Immediate relief for foster parents when unforeseen circumstances arise


Safe homes for youth experiencing homelessness or heightened stress


Temporary placements for youth transitioning into foster care.


Therapeutic camping trips run by specially trained staff. Click here to learn more.

Become A Therapeutic Foster Parent

We look for individuals and couples who can provide children

in foster care with a safe haven. We have opportunities available for

Therapeutic Foster Parents, Enhanced Foster Parents, and Respite Providers.

We Welcome All Foster Parent Applicants*

    CCS serves children in foster care ages 0-21 and specializes in serving children with behavioral needs and developmental disabilities. Consider reflecting on the following questions to determine if fostering is the best fit for you.

    • NDo you have a sense of humor?
    • NAre you a warm and nurturing person?
    • NAre you resilient and able to cope with a range of challenging behaviors?
    • N Can you maintain appropriate boundaries with a child to help them feel safe and cared for?
    • NAre you a positive person who has the patience to work with a child at their own pace to help them overcome problems and realize their full potential?

    If you have answered yes to all, submit an inquiry form and plan to attend one of our free foster parent informational sessions within 30 days.

      * We welcome all foster parent applicants, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, relationship status, or religious affiliation.