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80% of children

Have significant mental health issues, compared to approximately 18-22 percent of the general public.
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Access to financial assistance

When young women in foster care have access to financial assistance for education, they are less likely to have first and repeat births
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Transforming the lives of children, Adults and Families

Therapeutic Foster Care
Kinship Care
Developmental Disabilities

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Transforming the lives of children and teens in foster care and adults with developmental disabilities and mental health needs, and their families throughout the state of Georgia

About Us

Our Story

In 1982, Sally Buchanan founded Creative Community Services with the goal of helping adults with developmental disabilities live in the most independent environment as possible and give them what everyone deserves-the support of a loving family.

In 1988, Creative Community Services opened its doors to a new type of client -Georgia’s most vulnerable children….

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Our Services

Creatively Transforming Lives


    End the cycle of
    foster care

    Creative Community Services Inc., challenges the “norm” by creating initiatives to nurture critical needs and community based support for marginalized and underrepresented communities…..and, if a program is not already available, WE GET CREATIVE!

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  • Therapeutic Foster Care

    As a result of past trauma, unsuccessful foster placements, or abusive situations, children and teens in Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) have complex behavioral, mental health, and developmental challenges. The average age of our children is 15 years old.
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    Become a host home

    A Host Home is similar to a foster home. A trained and capable Host Home Provider becomes extended family to the individuals in their care.

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Get Involved

There is so much we can do together!
We are always open to partnering with other businesses or organizations on events, projects, or anything else you have in mind!

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