Developmental Disabilities

With one out of every 100 children in our nation diagnosed with Autism, Creative Community Services recognizes that this population will need support as they grow into adulthood, especially once their families are no longer able to meet their special needs.

Our Mission

Our original mission was to serve adults with developmental and physical disabilities such as, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and Down Syndrome. Today, our program continues to serve these adults who yearn for successful independence and have so much to offer their community.

We provide case management, life skills training, social outings, assistance with medical & recreational needs and ongoing support. Other organizations tend to focus on Community Residential Arrangements for adults with developmental disabilities, and while we offer this service as well under the right conditions, we put more focus on providing Host Homes for our individuals.

Why Become a Host Home Provider?

A Host Home is similar to a foster home. A trained and capable Host Home Provider becomes extended family to the individuals in their care.

“I see the needs for displaced individual in the community and would love to help with me having a space for someone and helping them with love and care they needed, treating them as a part of my family.”

“I wanted to do something that lined up with my calling to serve others. This opportunity also allowed me to work from home and help my family.”

“It is purely from a humanitarian point of view and my spouse happen to be a nurse and she was involved in humanitarian situations as a nurse. Our experience so far is very satisfying and could not be any better. We are glad to be a part of it. Our resident now is considered to be part of our family.”