Kinship Therapeutic Foster Care

Supporting families in providing safe and effective care for relatives in therapeutic foster care.

Kinship Care

Kinship care refers to the raising of children by family members or fictive kin who have a long-established relationship or bond with the child when their biological parents cannot adequately provide for them.

Our Services

  • Family Finding
  • Family Engagement
  • Kinship Support Groups
  • Family Specific Training
  • Weekly Case Management
  • Applied Behavior Analysis Interventions & Life Skills
  • Kinship Resource Center
  • Developing and Licensing Families
  • Our Goals

  • Raise awareness on the importance of keeping children within their family unit through advocacy and educating the community

  • Provide family connections through search and engagement for youth in care

  • Develop permanency for children by providing supports and services designed specifically for relative and fictive kin caregivers

  • Maintain stability and to increase successful placement in a kinship foster home