Therapeutic Foster Care

The needs of children with behavioral challenges and/or developmental disabilities simply cannot be met effectively by traditional foster parenting. Tragically, the children we serve typically have lived through 15 to 30 unsuccessful foster placements by the time they come into our care.

More Than Traditional Foster Care

We carefully screen, train, and support therapeutic foster parents to help children progress from behavioral and emotional trauma and receive the most experienced care available. Our therapeutic foster parents work with our highly trained teams of psychologists, social workers, family consultants, and therapists, along with DFCS case managers and birth families, to ensure these special children finally achieve permanency.

Our Support Services

  • Foster Parenting Classes
  • Support Groups
  • Respite Care
  • Psychological Counseling
  • 24-hour on-call support
  • Community Resources
  • Educational Conferences
  • Summer Day Camp
  • SOAR (individualized life skills and behavioral support)

Enhanced Home

Children legally “age out” of foster care at the age of 21. They often struggle with mental health challenges, require medical assistance, are unable to hold down a full-time job, and have emotional and financial struggles. “Enhanced Homes”, an apartment – we cover the cost-with mentors instead of foster parents which will help youth that are “aging out” gain responsibility and independence.


Regular breaks from parenting are essential for CCS foster families. Children who are dual-diagnosed (with both developmental or cognitive delays and/or severe emotional disturbances from abuse or neglect) present special challenges, and respite is a critical ingredient for successful placements. We provide respite in 5 key ways:

  • Planned Respite

    Families take children one or two weekends per month to give their regular foster parents a break.

  • Emergency Respite

    Relief during family emergencies. 

  • Crisis Respite

    A safe home for children who are homeless or experiencing a psychiatric event. 

  • Interim Respite

    Temporary placements for children transitioning out of their homes and into foster care. 

  • Adventure Respite

    2- or 5-day camping trips in a therapeutic outdoor setting run by specially trained staff collaborating with Creative Community Services.

Adventure Youth Program

Adventure Youth Programming provides a monthly respite-based outlet for Severe Emotional Disturbance (SED) youth and their families from over a half dozen core-providers covering 20 counties throughout most of north Georgia.

Whether weekend trips during the school year, or 5-day summer camping trips to the parks and lakes of the northeast Georgia mountains in the summer, each youth has a place to go and experience good food, friends, and adults that engage with them in life. Pressing apple cider, ‘hunting waterfalls’, hiking on sections of the Appalachian trail and GA’s highest points, bowling, skating, swimming, picnicking in parks, sliding rock in Tallulah Gorge, and on and on the adventure goes! These trips are the canvas on which many of these youth find “new experiences”.

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